22 March 2013

Phileas Fogg: Italian style Corn Chips – Pesto & Roasted Peppers (Sainsburys) [By @cinabar]

It’s been a while since I last visited the Phileas Fogg range, and I can’t remember seeing anything new from them for a while. Having said that the Poppadoms they make with Indian Red Chilli are one of my favourite snacks, so I always have high hopes for the brand. I was overjoyed to discover several new flavours from them in my local branch of Sainsburys, and thought I’d start with these Pesto & Roasted Peppers version. The bags I picked up have different bases, and these are referred to as ‘Italian Style Corn Chips’.
Inside the pack are oval shaped flat crisps that looked a bit like tortilla chips, but were a bit thinner. They smelt amazing, and rather like green pesto that’s had a healthy addition of basil. The taste didn’t disappoint either, there was lashings of Italian herbs, the basil was balanced with a hint of garlic, and the peppers added a nice slightly sour twang that set the whole thing off. There was good hint of cheese that came through too, making these rather like a dream pizza topping as a crisp flavour. The taste was very well balanced, and it’s nice to see different ingredients being used to create a wonderful new flavour.
The base of each crisps worked well too. It’s fair to say it has a similar taste to tortilla chips, but it’s a lighter, gentler corn taste. The texture wasn’t too hard either, they had crunch, but they had a pleasant flakiness about them too.
I thoroughly enjoyed these new snacks from Phileas Fogg, they were spot on in both creativity and texture. I honestly can’t wait to get stuck into the other new flavours I’ve picked up, as if these are anything to go by they are going to be a total treat.
By Cinabar


Hannah The Review Addict said...

I got some of these yesterday too, not this flavour though. I went for the Mexican Taco Rolls...very nice!

cinabar said...

I'm going for the Louisiana BBQ next ;-) So nice to see so many new flavours.

William Gardner said...

I've tried the Louisiana BBQ, Taco Rolls, and Oriental Crackers so far... All of them are amazing!

Well done Phileas Fogg, something actually new in the crisp world for once.