19 March 2013

Ferrero Bunny (WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

This fine looking golden wrapped rabbit was found sitting buy the Easter goodies in WH Smiths. He’s a very smart looking bunny, with flowers decorating the egg resting on his tummy and a nice decoration on the base too.
When I first saw it I assumed it was another pure milk chocolate bunny, but this is a new one made by Ferrero and as such has a little twist. Although it is still a bunny shell, packed into the thick milk chocolate are loads of hazelnut pieces which make it a little bit different from a lot of the other chocolate rabbits on the market.

The minute you unwrap the bunny the nuts are clearly shown, generously speckling the outer chocolate. It’s no secret that I rather like nuts and chocolate, so it will be no surprise that this particular chocolate bunny went down rather well! The chocolate is quite soft, but the nuts give it a nice mix of textures and they add a little bit of a crunch to the chocolate shell.
The chocolate flavour is sweet and creamy but with the added hazelnuts it does suddenly become very reminiscent of the outer shell of a Ferrero Roche. I thoroughly enjoyed munching on the this chocolate bunny and found the addition of the nuts to be rather genius. It makes it something a bit different on the market, and as a nuts fan it was right up my street.
By Cinabar


ostimea said...

would have been great to see what the inside of the bunny looks like, i'm imagining a giant ferrero roche which sounds heavenly!

cinabar said...

Its just hollow I'm afraid. I did have a piccie with the head broken off, but it was a bit disturbing to be honest! :-D

Janey said...

Haha, I didn't realise it was meant to be a bunny holding an egg, I thought it was just a fat rabbit!

Melanie said...

yeah, sadly it's hollow, like the egg around christmas. I really hoped it would be filled with the usual cream filling. Especially considering the price

Kevs Snack Reviews said...

I wasn't a fan of this bunny, like Melanie I was hoping for some cream filling. They're currently on offer at B&M at 2 for £3.

cinabar said...

Shame - I liked it and thought the nuts were a nice touch.