8 March 2013

Galaxy Hot Chocolate – Orange [By @cinabar]

There are a few hot chocolates out at the minute that are designed to froth, and this is another one in that category. I do like the extra bubbles, and have to say that it seems to really improve the flavour, perhaps because it forces the powder to mix well with the water? I have also previously enjoyed the milk chocolate version of this bubbly Galaxy hot choc, and was pleased to see an orange one available to match its new orange bubbly bars.
I added the contents of the sachet to my mug, and waited patiently for the kettle to boil. When I added the water I swear I heard the powder in the mug crackle, which isn’t something I’d noticed before, even with the frothing hot chocolates. Despite that, the powder dissolved easily in the hot water with a gentle stir, and there was a lush layer of bubbles on the surface of the drink. I could smell the orange the minute the water hit, and the flavour of the drink didn’t disappoint. It was a creamy chocolaty flavour, and the orange was strong, but at the sweet mellow end of the spectrum instead of being a tart sharp taste.
The flavour was soothing – and the added citrus worked with the chocolate. The more I drink flavoured hot chocolates the more I think I prefer them to plain ones; the added flavour enhances the taste and makes the drink much more defined. After I finished my sachets I added a large eco-friendly bag of this to my online grocery shop this week, it’s definitely one to keep in the cupboard. :-)
By cinabar


  1. This is definitely one of the best lower calorie hot chocolates. I've been buying the orange flavour in the large bag, and yes, it does crackle!

  2. I too have a large bag of this now - perfect for the unseasonally snowy evenings.


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