4 March 2013

McVities Ginger Nuts Slices (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

I went to have a look at the cake slices in Sainsbury, and spotted these new Ginger Nuts ones sitting near all the goodies. One of the things that swayed me (other than the prominent ‘new’ label) was that these slices are individually wrapped, so I could open them and take one to work with me. This is really useful as some of the slices have to be pretty much be eaten there and then or they dry out.
Underneath the wrapper there is a small bar, made up of a thick biscuit topped with milk chocolate. I say biscuit, the texture is very firm, but it is probably easy to think of it as crushed ginger nut biscuits packed together very tightly and stuck together with something sweet and syrupy.
The flavour was fab though, the golden taste was full of the warm spice of ginger, and this was all set off by the creamy chocolate on top. The bar may have looked small but I had one with a coffee as an afternoon snack, and it was very satisfying, as they seemed to have packed so much biscuit in there. Who would have thought chocolate an dginger nuts would go together so well.
These are a lovely alternative to regular ginger nut biscuits, and the fact they are individually wrapped means I will definitely be buying them again. It’s a lovely warming snack, to brighten up the cold afternoons.
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Yummmm... must try these next time I'm in the UK. Hope they're still available. And now I'm off to find what I was actually googling for... ;-)

cinabar said...

Stay a while, there are all sorts of goodies to tempt with on Foodstuff Finds. ;-)