11 March 2013

Elizabeth Shaw: Blackberry & Ginger (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

If you ever thought that Elizabeth Shaw was all about mint, you’d be impressed by some of their latest releases! I spotted this new bar in Sainsburys, and was rather excited by the new unusually flavour. Blackberry is an often overlooked fruit, with blackcurrant or indeed any of the other berries being seemingly more popular, so it is lovely to see it being included in a bar like this.
Underneath the packaging lay a dark looking bar, without too much visual evidence of the goodies that were mixed in. Texture wise the bar had a very gentle crunch from its ingredients. The flavour was very rich and dark, and the strong tones of cocoa were set off nicely by a sweet berry taste from the blackberry. The chocolate and fruit tastes mixed well, but the blackberry didn’t add much to lighten the intense flavour of the chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, it was very much present, but it too was a strong taste and the whole bar had a very rich sophisticated flavour.
The ginger was much harder to spot, it was there but it was a very light tingle of spice mixed in with some deep flavours. There was a hint of ginger warmth at the end of each bite of chocolate, but you had to look for it. To be honest, I preferred it that way, I loved the strong tones from chocolate. It’s definitely meant to be a bar you savour and enjoy taking in the powerful flavours. Think Sunday evening nibbling on this and watching the last Mr Selfridge episode – heaven.
By Cinabar

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I love dark chocolates but i dont get this in India!