3 March 2013

FUEL your 10k Hours Granola (Asda) [by @NLi10]

There are frequently products that I am slightly scared to review and this Granola was one of them.  It gave me flash-backs for the various potions I've reviewed over the years.

Not only does it have a big angry Man-style box, but it's listed stimulants such as Guarana in big letters.  Looking at the ingredients it also includes more caffeine than I should probably have too.  So why would they do this?

Turns out it takes 10,000 hours (or 10K hours) to get really good at something.  From the piano to sports this seems to be universal, although they don't reference their sources.  As it's got loads of chemicals in it I dutifully weighed out a portion.

And at this point I took a little time to enjoy the chocolaty smell and then poured the milk on and enjoyed my small, but filling portion thoroughly.  And then my brain said - I've had this before...

 And a quick search on here showed I had! take a second to look back two years.

While I'm not entirely convinced this is the exact same recipe I am convinced that they have basically taken the nice holistic mornings breakfast that I reviewed and put it in a box that is far more now, and primed for Olympics style competitiveness.  The same effect was seen (I was slightly perkier, and then slightly drowsier when it all wore off) - although my teenage cousin went back to bed after eating as I guess the vitamins triggered another growth spurt.

I still recommend this as something to eat, but I think that finding something you enjoy is a better way to spend your 10K hours.  It's a happy coincidence that I enjoy this cereal - even if I preferred the more friendly 'praise the sun' box.


Anonymous said...

Well I am a body builder..
I think the fuel 10k is aimed at the athlete
The packageing is awesome
The taste is fantastic..
I look forward to my next bowl.. Every morning..
Ok the not so good bit..
To small a box
Way to dear
My review would be 6/10
Many thanks

cinabar said...

Yes we may not be the target audience here at Foodstuff Finds, but NLi10 is a cereals expert. ;-)
Can I ask, do you weigh your portion, or just pour out a big bowl?