30 March 2013

MAOAM: Pinballs Eggsplosions (WH Smiths) [By @SpectreUK]

Happy Easter to all the chocolate egg lovers out there!

Though here is something different to whet your appetites, because they're not chocolate but they are egg shaped. These Pinballs Eggsplosions were produced for the Maoam brand, by Haribo Ireland. These chewy fruity eggs come in a 150g box. In every 100g there was 408 calories, with 70.4g of sugar and 5.1g of fat. They might sound pretty bad for you, but let me just point out that this is Easter and traditionally the time of year for eating stuff that’s bad for you. Okay, so we’ve gone through the munchtastic Christmas, and then the crazy days in January and possibly February of trying to join varying gyms and working off the huge amounts of booze, cakes, nibbles, sweets and alternative Turkey dinners we've consumed. Traditionally many people give up the whole gym cycle during February, don’t get me wrong, there may be some guilt complexes after a heavy sugary greasy pancake day, but the guilt wears off until Easter. Then it’s usually chocolate egg eating contests before the relatives get a hold of them when you’re not looking. These Pinballs Eggsplosions are a good alternative to Easter chocolate eggs. They’re small and therefore easy to hide from the relatives if you're selfish, and they have fruit and plant concentrates in the ingredients, which were; lemon, safflower, spirulina, blackcurrant, carrot, radish and apple. So they must be good for you, right? There were three flavours. Lemon had a really tasty zingy lemon sherbet flavour. Apple had a fruity natural and tangy apple flavour. Raspberry had an initial dry fruity flavour that suddenly exploded raspberries inside the mouth. To try and be even healthier I shared them around the office and the consensus was that the Raspberry Eggsplosion was the best flavour with the other two a close second. So if you fancy an alternative to chocolate eggs that you do want to share around in a giving and loving way at Easter time, or any other time you can get your hands on these Pinballs Eggsplosions, go for it. You won’t be disappointed!
By Spectre

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