26 March 2013

Krispy Kreme – Chocomania Doughnuts [By @cinabar]

Chocomania has hit Kripsy Kreme just in time for Easter, and I could resist giving their selection box a try. Packed within are an array of chocolaty treats and tempting doughnuts. I am a Krispy Kreme convert, and they really are my favourite brand of doughnuts right now. I love that they are available at more and more places such as service stations etc, but nothing beats a proper branch where you can watch them being made and have a White Chocolate and Almond latte afters. :-)

Anyway the chocolate selection from Kripsy Kreme looks awesome, and we sat round for a cold Friday night in and gave them a try. I thought I’d write about some of the highlights.

First up was the rather pretty looking doughnut topped with chocolate icing, white chocolate stripes and chocolate flake. If there wasn’t enough chocolate there for you it was filled with chocolate sauce too! This one is an absolute chocoholics dream – and I loved it!!

I couldn’t resist the doughnut which reminded me of spring, with is its pretty flower on the front. What with all the snow we’ve had recently we need something to remind us that the flowers are supposed to be appearing and not the snow! This neatly decorated chocolate topped doughnut was also filled with a rich chocolate filling just to make sure!

Okay so technically there may have been the odd none chocolaty one that found its way into the box. It’s just that this one was too good not to mention. It had a very pale pink icing topping, and was topped with strawberry and biscuit sprinkles. The filling was jam and cream, and this particular doughnut really did taste like summer. Sweet and yummy.

Back on the chocolate selection we have this fabulous ring doughnut topped with chocolate crumbles. On top of the glazed ring doughnut is a lovely rich topping that has the flavour of Oreo biscuits but the texture of cake. The topping adds a good sweet chocolate flavours, and loads of texture too

Next up we have a rather regal looking chocolate icing topped doughnut, it is speckled with gold and heaped with biscuit crumble. Although there is plenty of chocolate, the filling is actually a sweet cherry jam which offsets the chocolate nicely. The texture from the topping makes this too, it is a proper posh doughnut, and reminded me of black forest gateaux.

If you are looking for a bit of a different chocolate Easter treat, you can’t go far wrong with the Krispy Kreme range. You may think that a big box will go a long way, but they are so tasty I warn you they’ll be gone in seconds!
By Cinabar


Melanie said...

mhhhhh soo delicious.. me wants ;)

cinabar said...

Oh yes - Krispy Kreme just make such wonderful doughnuts :-)