28 March 2013

Tilda Stir Fry Thai Red Rice [by @NLi10]

Regular readers will know that I'm a sucker for Bachelor Chow - that is things that contain all the ingredients to make themselves. I believe they are one step up from ready meals and just nutritious enough to stave off scurvy. Plus it has the added bonus that you have to add your own meat! In the current horse-gate shenanigans this is more relevant to other people than it used to be but for my family it means I can make veggie versions so Ms. NLi10 can share too.

This particular odd box of rice is basically the microwave rice that I used to have for lunch, but upgraded with enough sauce to make it feel like a meal. Plus it's a bigger portion for two! I made it with Quorn fillets which I fried up with a little lemon juice, but other than that I added nothing that wasn't in the sachet.

The flavour was suitably Thai, but with a severe chilli kick. This I liked! I'd had a surprisingly hot bolognese pizza at Pizza Express the night before so this was a notch down, but still enough to encourage having a drink on standby.

I liked this a lot, and while I feel that I should have thrown a few veggies in it's direction to make it a full meal it was certainly satisfying enough to get me through the evening. I'll have to investigate the range (and remember where I got it from - probably Asda) I'm sure these are good for lazy nights in, and big lunches.

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