29 March 2013

Mont Blanc - Swiss Chocolates (Switzerland) [By @cinabar]

My dad has been travelling again, which means that I get treated to choccies from foreign shores. He bought me back a stack of goodies this time from Switzerland (thanks dad!) but amongst the items he drew my particular attention to these. He said these were seen in Switzerland as some of the most luxurious chocolates available, and as they don’t export them, it made having the opportunity to give them a try something a bit special.
The packet is beautifully wrapped in red paper neatly tied off with ribbone. I carefully unwrapped the package and found a tray of 12 chocolate squares inside. Each chocolate cube was quite thick and presented in its own little paper case, and dusted with cocoa powder. I popped one into my mouth and let the flavours roll out. The chocolates were like a very solid silky, all most cool smooth truffle. The bitterness from the cocoa dusting was superseded by the sweet but dark and very rich chocolate praline from within. These chocolates seemed to take me on a journey which encompassed all my favourite flavours. As they melt in your mouth you get bitter, sweet, dark, rich, creamy, buttery and nutty flavours somehow all in one. There is only one word to describe them and it is ‘wow’.
They are the absolute definition of the word sumptuousness, all in a simple tray. Pure unadulterated chocolate goodness. I’m going to savour these, and have a couple as a treat each day until the box runs dry. After that I’ll have to see if my dad needs to go back to Switzerland any time soon. Here’s hoping. ;-)
By Cinabar

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