25 March 2013

Kelloggs Rice Krispie Squares – Totally Chocolatey Mint (Local Newsagent) [By @cinabar]

I love that the new flavours for Kelloggs Rice Krispie Squares keep on flowing, and seeing a mint edition at my local newsagent was a very pleasing find. I haven’t yet seen these in my local Sainsburys, but am keeping an eye out for them. These were from a local newsagent near where I work, but don’t go too that often as it is a bit of a walk. The packaging shows a much brighter than normal patterned shiny green foil, to ensure there is no doubt about the minty nature of this cereal bar.
I’m not sure these do actually qualify as a cereal bar? Although it does contain a fair amount of cereals, there are that many other goodies thrown in it ends up feeling more like a proper snack or treat than a sensible breakfast food. I had mine as elevenses, which I think is okay on either count. The bar itself is chocolate coloured and it is drizzled in milk chocolate, and there are extra pieces of mint chocolate decorating it too. The base is the same texture as the other Krispie bars, firm from the Krispies, but softened by the sticky marshmallow like substance that holds them together.
The mint isn’t too strong, but it’s cool flavour works well with the chocolate adding a nice refreshing sweetness to the mix. I guess they made the mint a gentle flavour just in case you are trying to eat one first thing in the morning!
These are a nice addition to the range, but I think my preference still lies with the orange ones currently available. They just have a bit more oomph to their flavour, and this one seems a bit delicate for my taste buds.
Which flavour is your favourite?
By Cinabar

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