1 April 2013

Carte D’Or Signature - Creme Brulee Ice cream (Sainsburys) [@Cinabar]

I actually found this ice cream while browsing on the Sainsburys website. I had been looking for actual Creme Brulees, but this appeared in the search list, and it soon became apparent I would be having a different sort of dessert.
It arrived safely and I popped in the freezer to have has pudding after our main meal. I was impressed when I opened up the tub, the ice cream within looked very pretty. It peaks in a star shape and is adorned with a generous helping of burnt sugar crystals, similar to a proper Creme Brulee.
As a fan of Ben and Jerry’s I can’t help but associate the round cardboard ice cream tubs with really hard ice cream. I’ve actually taken to microwaving Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for twenty seconds on the defrost mode – but it’s probably not the cleverest thing to do! Anyway I digress; I tested the spoon in the Carte D’Or tub and was pleasantly surprised to find the spoon sunk easily in. I dished some into bowls and tucked in.
The base ice cream had a good caramel and vanilla base flavour, and that was smooth sweet and pleasant. Dotted within the ice cream where bits of soft caramel sauce than enhanced the sweet flavour and helped to recreate the Creme Brulee taste. The burnt sugar on the top added a nice crunch, and a rich dark caramel flavour. My only criticism is that the base flavour was milky, and I’d have rather liked it to be a bit more creamy and indulgent. As a caramel ice cream it was lovely, but for Creme Brulee it needed to be a lot richer with a spot of added cream for extra luxury.
By Cinabar


Unknown said...

I heard these weren't that great. Best stick with B&J's

cinabar said...

Yes, it was nice enough but not quite creamy enough.