15 April 2013

Walkers Baked Hoops And Crosses – Prawn Cocktail (@walkers_crisps Sainsburys) [By @cinabar]

As I tend to have crisps most days with my lunch at work, I am always on the lookout for lower calorie products. I’m happy to indulge at the weekend, but I like to try and make five out of the seven days a lighter choice. This does mean you have to lose any taste, or even look for low fat, some just are under 100 calories per bag. I’m pleased to say this new pack from Walkers comes in at a very low 85 calories, so I picked up a multipack.
The new crisps are very cute in that they are in the shapes of hoops and crosses, so if they are in a school packed lunch, there is practically all the kit required for an impromptu game of noughts and crosses in the lunch hall! Being a grownup – I just munched my way through the pack - honest. ;-)
The crisps are lower calorie as they have been baked not fried, but you’d never tell they were better for you from the taste. There is plenty of seasoning, and the sweet tangy flavour of prawn cocktail sauce is lovely and strong. The texture is lovely too. These are fairly chunky looking crisps, and they crunch when you first bite in, then this slowly turns into a nicely melty fluffy feel on the palate.
I did notice they were also selling the new Hoops And Crosses in beef flavour and salt and vinegar, and I’m certainly looking forward to trying those too. It just goes to show that some snacks just happen to be healthy, without losing any of the yum.
By Cinabar


Grocery Gems said...

oooh these look fab! I'm a sucker for novelty shaped crisps :D

Anonymous said...

I love the roast beef flavour, they taste are like monster munch but have a stronger flavour.

cinabar said...

I like the different shapes too... and I have some of the beef ones waiting to be opened :-)

Unknown said...

Once again Walkers nick a Golden Wonder product (Golden Wonder Xy-Ozys in this instance). Never happy buying out all of poor Golden Wonder and Smiths brands, they have to copy the others too! *hmph!*

cinabar said...

I didnt realise they owned them?