17 April 2013

Lindt Creation – Heavenly Creme Brulle [By @cinabar]

This new bar from Lindt is in their Creation range, and is based on the sweet creamy dessert, Creme Brulle. The bar has a milk chocolate base and shell, and within each chunk is a fluffy cream caramel flavour mousse, with bits of burnt sugar and wafer dotted within.
The minute the wrapper came of this bar the sweet smell of caramel became very apparent. The chocolate pieces are quite thick, and each one of them is filled with a generous helping of the delicate sweet mousse. The filling is lovely and light and fluffy, and has sweet brown sugar tones of caramel, with a rich creamy aftertaste. The burnt sugar bits add a nice depth to the flavour, giving the bar a darker edge and a bit of a light runch from the wafer and sugar. It also does remind me of the lovely burn sugar topping on a real Creme Brulle that you have to crack your way through to start. I know that a proper Creme Brulle doesn’t have any wafer in it, but it has been used well in this bar not so much adding flavour but just to tidy up the texture.
The sweet caramel tones worked wonderfully with the creamy rich Lindt milk chocolate encasing it. Each chunk felt like a proper treat, and was very indulgent. This bar was well on the way to recreating the Creme Brulle dessert experience, and did a perfect job just with lovely added chocolate twist.
If you have a sweet tooth like me, this bar is well worth hunting out as it ticks all the boxes for caramel lovers.
By Cinabar

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