29 April 2013

Tic Tac – Festival Edition (Local Newsagent) [By @cinabar]

Over the years we have reviewed quite a few limited edition Tic Tac flavours. The new ones tend to come out at late spring and usually have a summery feel to them. These particular ones came out in time for Festival season, with an appropriately themed name too.
Once I got them home and had a look at them properly I realised that they felt quite familiar. The flavours in the pack include orange, lime, cherry and passion fruit. The most commonly available Tic Tac flavour (in the UK at least) after the Mint one is their Orange and Lime edition. They have been around since I was very small and it is clear that the Orange and Lime sweets in this pack are the same as those ones. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just they aren’t very new and they are easily available elsewhere. I then gave the two other flavours in the pack a taste, and again I was filled with déjà vu. The pale orange coloured ones and the red ones are passion fruit flavour and cherry flavour, are exactly the same as the same as 2011’s Cherry Passion mix. Don’t get me wrong, they are lovely, but they have been around before. I actually think passion fruit Tic Tics are one of the most refreshing flavours available, as they do have a lovely tropical taste, so in many respects it is nice to see them back. The cherry variety are very strong and fruity and full of rich zingy morello taste, so again I liked them.
It’s just that I look forward to the new season’s Tic Tac varieties, and this year it seems to be lacking some of the innovation we have had in previous years. Last year’s Tic Tac –Strawberry Fields were perfect for summer, and before that we had flavours like Grape and Lychee Twist, and in the UK it is really hard to find good grape flavour sweets so they really were quite something.
The Tic Tacs are nice, they are summery and they do work as a combination. I just have my fingers crossed that perhaps a little later in the year they will reveal another new special flavour, with all new sweets in the pack.
By Cinabar

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