20 April 2013

Rowntree’s Randoms - Squidgy Speak (WH Smiths) [By @SpectreUK]

I have always been a firm believer that sweets should be able to make you feel young at whatever age you eat them. Being able to play with sweets as you gobble them, such as jelly soldiers, can be a real boon if you’re a little bored in the office late one afternoon. These Rowntree’s Randoms Squidgy Speak sweets were fruit flavoured foam jellies with different words on each sweet. Each 12 sweet suggested serving contained 63 calories, with 12.7g sugar and less than 1% of fat. There were no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives in the ingredients which included; apple juice, pepper, carrot, hibiscus, black carrot, orange, blackcurrant, and strawberry. There were four flavours with lots of random word foam jellies in the 150g bag. Orange had a pleasant orange flavour, whereas pink a fruity strawberry taste. White had a mild apple flavour and purple a tangy blackcurrant flavour. I had a lot of fun playing with the cheerful words making up lots of William Burroughs type sentences (see photograph). These Squidgy Speak Rowntree’s Randoms could certainly bring the inner child out of anyone. They were very moreish tasting sweets and went down well with all my colleagues in the office. I'd certainly buy these again as they were fun to share out and watch the seriousness of the office fall into random bouts of giggling!
By Spectre

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