12 April 2013

Montezuma – Treacle Tart (Waitrose) [By @cinabar]

I can’t resist a ‘new’ label, and thought the new Treacle Tart chocolate from Montezuma sounded wonderfully soothing so popped one in my basket while wondering around Waitrose. When I got home I opened up the bar and thought that it had a lovely sweet sugary aroma with a good cocoa fragrance too.
I broke myself off a piece of chocolate to give it a try. It had a surprisingly decent sharp snap, and felt quite firm. The flavour was nice. The chocolate is a milk chocolate base and obviously has a good high cocoa percentage (43% as it turns out).
I couldn’t make my mind up on the added ingredients. All that has been added to the chocolate is hazelnut and natural toffee flavouring. On one hand the nuts and toffee made a lovely sweet rich soothing bar. The kind of chocolate that just feels sugary and comforting and yes, I did enjoy it. The cocoa offers a good strong taste, and the base chocolate is of excellent quality. The nut flavour was mild and in the background but the hazelnut nibs gave the bar a pleasant crunch. On the other hand this was supposed to be representing Treacle Tart, and on that front it was a miss. There was no treacle flavour, just toffee – it’s similar but not the same. There was no buttery pastry taste either, just a hint of nut which isn’t even close to be honest.
It’s nice chocolate with a good flavour, but if you buy a bar called Treacle Tart because you want a Treacle Tart flavoured chocolate bar, I suspect when you discover you’ve bought a toffee and nut bar you are going to be a little disappointed.
By Cinabar


Kevs Snack Reviews said...

I agree this bar doesn't represent treacle tart - it's a bit misleading. Same goes for the other Montezumas dessert inspired bars.

cinabar said...

Its a shame really - the bar was really nice, but the name was a bit of stretch!