8 April 2013

McCoys – New Jacket Potato Crisps – Chilli Con Carne (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

McCoys new range of crisps all incorporate a new base jacket potato flavour. Fans of Foodstuff Finds will know I have a soft spot for jacket potato flavour crisps, and think that a plain potato flavour is a good a basic flavour as ready salted. I was a little disappointed to find that the new McCoys range doesn’t include a plain flavour, it focuses on interesting jacket potato toppings. The stronger sounding tastes still appealed, all new flavours are interesting and McCoys rarely go wrong. I decided to try the chilli con carne and jacket potato flavour first, if it’s going to be a strong taste, I may as well go for the hottest sounding ones!
The crisps had a good aromatic spice that was released once the bag was opened. The crisps are thick cut and ridged, with a good sprinkling of seasoning. The ridges mean that the added flavour really clings to the crisps, and the taste was lovely and full on. Impressively the background flavour of jacket potato worked well and added good buttery taste. Mostly though the chilli con carne shone through with meat and spices. The heat from the chilli was flavoursome, but not too hot, just a nice tingle. The spice may have been at an easy going level but the paprika and warm spices added a lovely seasoned flavour. There was a hint of saltiness too that mixed with the chilli flavour and made these crisps remarkably moreish and tasty.
I am really looking forward to trying the other flavours that have come out in the range, and the particularly have my eye on the sour cream and jalapeno ones!
By Cinabar

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