22 April 2013

Oreo Ice Cream (Waitrose) [By @cinabar]

As you know from the blog if I see any new foodie goodies I tend to snap them up for review. I did hesitate with this ice cream though. I love Oreo biscuits to bits, but the £4.99 price for a smallish tub did make me pause for a second, and to be honest if it wasn’t for the blog I may have left it. I love the expensive ice creams like Ben and Jerrys etc, but I do tend to only pick them up if they are on offer (or new). Oh well, this Oreo ice cream found its way into the trolley, and when I got to try it turns out I made the right decision!
I opened up the pack and was met with a white look ice cream base, filled with loads of almost black Oreo biscuit crumbs. The ice cream was thankfully an easy scoop, and I shared some out into bowls with no problem at all. It’s a pretty looking ice cream with its contrasting colours, and I was impressed at the generous helping of Oreo bits mixed in.
Once I tucked in, I understood the magic, the base flavour was fab. It was incredibly creamy, rich and indulgent, but sweet too so that it had the unmistakable flavour of Oreo “stuff”. The biscuit bits were lovely and soft, they added texture, but not a crunch. More like a cake feel than a biscuit feel, but the Oreo flavour was all there. It had the rich dark cocoa flavour that is unique to Oreos and when it mixed with the creamy base flavour I was in ice cream heaven. The word sumptuous doesn’t come close. If you have even a tiny place in your heart for Oreos, then this my friends is the ultimate ice cream. Even at its hefty £4.99 price tag it is still worth every single penny! Genuinely the perfect biscuit ice cream experience.
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Really? I thought the ice cream was a little synthetic tasting, not at all nice & creamy, a bit like a cheap ice cream, very disappointed :-(

cinabar said...

Wow really? I loved the stuff. Thought it was super creamy - oh well, different tastes.

Anonymous said...

£2 at ASDA, there is also a Cadburys Flake tub to try too.

Anonymous said...

I'd recommend the Oreo ice cream cones too. And at £1.24 for 4 at Sainsburys at the moment, they're a bargain!

Anonymous said...

I am addicted to this ice creaam, they sell it in Tescos for £3 a tub. It is super creamy and has the right balance of Oreos in it. Just Gorgeous and on the same quality level as Ben & Jerrys.