2 April 2013

Chimichurri with Hot Dog Stuffed Base Pizza (@Dominos_UK Dominoes) [By @cinabar]

I am totally aware that the combination of topping I had on my Domino’s pizza didn’t really match with my choice of base. I however got a little bit stuck, I was staring at the ‘new’ topping and the ‘new’ base type and just couldn’t resist combing the two ‘news’! I will however write about them separately in case you don’t follow my combination logic.

Hot Dog Base
I was quite excited to see the hot dog base, as I have seen quite a lot of mention of it in the press and been keen to try it. It’s quite impressive to look at, and the frankfurter goes all the way round pizza, except for very small gaps in between sausages. I loved the idea of this as an alternative to cheese stuffed and I can find that to be a bit of a cheese overload, even for my taste buds. I tried the base and loved the flavour of the hot dog with it, it was meaty and tasty and the flavour was full. The frankfurter was soft to eat and didn’t feel too hard going. The thing is it was tasty, but very filling. I normally have 3 slices of Domino’s pizza, but I was really struggling after 2 with this base. That’s probably a good thing as it makes the pizza go further! I was also less reliant on the dip when it came to eating the crust, as it was just so full of flavour on its own.

Chimichurri Topping
This particular pizza is topped with chicken breast, peppers and a drizzle of the green Chimichurri sauce. The sauce reminded me a little of a twist on pesto, it had a herby base flavour, but mixed in was this slight vinegar sourness that gave it a good twist. This contrasted well with the sweet tomato sauce underneath, with the two tastes giving a lovely sweet but tart flavour.
The chicken chunks were moist and the pieces were a generous size, there was also plenty of red and yellow peppers, which looked pretty and added a fresh veg flavour and a bit of texture. This was my first try of Chimichurri sauce, and it made me want to try basting some chicken in it and trying it out as a main dish.
The pizza totally got the thumbs up from me, and I hope it stays on dominos menu for a while, as it is one I’ll be ordering again.
By Cinabar