23 April 2013

Kettle Chips – Mozzarella & Pesto (Waitrose) [By @cinabar]

You’d think Pesto would be an unusual flavour for crisps, but we have actually reviewed it before, and on more than one occasion. Phileas Fogg recently launched a Pesto & Roasted Peppers variety and last year we tried Burts Pesto Crisps too. These are the first to team up Pesto with Mozzarella, so they are still bringing something new to the table.
Once open, the crisps gave off a lovely herby aroma, with that lovely hint of Basil that you can’t help but associate with Italian cooking. The crisps are quite nicely cut, thick, but not too crunchy. The flavour start with a refreshing creamy taste, that is very reminiscent of Mozzarella, and then the wonderful array of herbs kicks in. The Basil is still the most prominent taste, but its mixed with parsley, garlic, lemon and even a hint of olive oil. It all tastes so fresh and natural, but then it should as it flavoured with real ingredients, and has nothing artificial in the bag.
I associate these crisps with summer, as they are fresh and herby. I think they would be an ideal accompaniment to a barbeque on a hot day. Just pour them in a bowl and let the sunshine do its work... it actually felt quite warm last weekend so maybe, just maybe, barbeque season isn’t too far off!
By Cinabar

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