9 April 2013

Weetabix Breakfast Biscuits – Apple With A Hint Of Cinnamon (Boots) [By @cinabar]

I have been getting into these breakfast bars, as they are a quick an easy start to the day with a cup of coffee at my desk. While having a nosey at the foodie section in boots I spotted this new flavour from Weetabix, and as a big fan of cinnamon thought I’d give them a go.
These are the same format as the other Weetabix biscuits, there are four in the tray, and they look like elongated digestives. All four are meant as one 50g serving and contain just 220 calories they are also fortified with added vitamins and minerals to give you a good start to the day. The flavour has a hint of Weetabix about it, but still has a digestive taste. Mixed in are pieces of apple, which add a sharp apple taste, that isn’t too sweet. The fruity bits are sticky, but not unpleasant in textures. The cinnamon is gentle and adds a nice hint of warmth to the biscuit. I personally would have been a bit more heavy handed when adding the spice, but that just my personal preference.
In terms of convenience then it doesn’t get much easy than these as a breakfast food, and the mix of apple and cinnamon makes a nice change from a lot of the plainer flavours on the market. They are something I’d buy again, but the cinnamon granola from Kellogg’s still remains my favourite cinnamon breakfast treat.
By Cinabar


NLi10 said...

I have these, but I eat them in the afternoon :)

paulham said...

These breakfast biscuits are total nonsense.

You can kid yourself all you want but I'll stick with my Happy Face followed by a Wagon Wheel with a Dark chocolate Hob-Nob to finish.

Now THATS a breakfast!

cinabar said...

Nli10 - you rebel :-)

Paulham - Surely that's lunch..? But if I remember correctly McDs used to do a fab breakfast.