3 April 2013

Starburst – Flavour Morphs (WH Smiths) [By @SpectreUK]

These Starburst Flavour Morphs were made by the Wrigley Company, in Plymouth, UK. There were no artificial flavours or colours in the ingredients and for every 45g there were 181 calories, 3.2g of fat and a whopping 37.1g of sugar (I know... I know, I always appear surprised when I read the sugar content of sweets, and after all, they are called “sweets”, so the clue is in the name, but by all the Gods these are like sugar cubes dressed up in different colours!). There were three morphing flavours in the 152g sharing bag; Strawberry, which morphs to strawberry and pear, but I got pear straight away with a hint of strawberry, but still they were very tasty and moreish. Raspberry which morphs to raspberry and pear, here I definitely got raspberry first taste that pleasantly morphed to raspberry and pear to finish with. These were very nice indeed. The last flavour was cherry (not a favourite flavour of mine as regular readers may know) which morphs to cherry and lime. These were a very strong cherry flavour with not a hint of lime, which is a problem with tackling a strong flavour like cherry. As I’m not a fan of cherry flavoured sweets anyway, these were not my favourites, but I must point out that they tasted very fruity and natural indeed and I’m sure cherry fans would like them, but I didn’t get a lime flavour from these sweets at all. There was thankfully no banana flavour with these sweets, but two flavours morphing to pear was a little limiting in the creativity stakes. Still these flavours had the usual moreish taste (except the cherry), that can be expected from Starburst, and I enjoyed sharing them around the office to see my colleague’s reactions to the morphing flavours. The strawberry and raspberry flavours were the favourites, but there was one cherry fan in the office that scoffed the lot!
By Spectre

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