24 April 2013

Fantasy Bar – Strawberry White Chocolate (The Chocolate Factory, Thornton-le-Dale) [By @SpectreUK]

We up picked this bar whilst stopping off in Thornton-le-Dale, in North Yorkshire, on a holiday for a few days away. It’s a lovely picturesque village with a few shops, a duck pond and lots of streams running in all sorts of directions. If you’re passing through I’d definitely recommend you stop off and park in the large car park behind the duck pond and have a nice wonder around. Here we found the Chocolate Factory, which is a family run shop with all manners of shapes and sizes of luxury chocolate. This Fantasy Bar: Strawberry White Chocolate bar caught my eye whilst we were wondering around the shop. The white chocolate had a crisscross strawberry design on top. This was a creamy succulent white chocolate with a luxurious edge of strawberry to every mouth watering mouthful. I was rather selfishly glad that I saved this chocolate bar to myself and munched it down whilst I was at work in the afternoon, as it would have been very difficult to share out with anyone else. This chocolate bar was pure unbridled pleasure to eat with a touch of strawberry spring in its step. This chocolate bar would be perfect to eat any time of the year, but especially when the sun finally comes out for spring and the flowers start to bloom in the garden, or a more luxurious start to the tennis season than a punnet of strawberries and a dollop or two of cream!
By Spectre

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Kevs Snack Reviews said...

This sounds so nice! I love white choc and strawberry combos.