16 April 2013

New Muller De Luxe Corner – Marc De Champagne (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

I do like Muller Corner Yoghurts. I think they put together a fab range of flavours and textures, and I always pick up a multipack on my weekly shop. This week in Sainsburys there was something that looked a bit different in the yoghurt section, and it has to be what can only be described as the poshest looking Muller Corner Yoghurts I’ve ever seen! They are packaged in smart dark cardboard, and there are two yoghurts within that on introductory offer of just £1.
This new yoghurt is called ‘Marc De Champagne’ but the ingredients are even a bit more special than that. The yoghurt is flavoured with champagne, and underneath is a strawberry compote, and to the side are white chocolate biscuits, dipped in cocoa powder. Oh my.
This is the most indulgent coroner yoghurt I have ever tried, and the flavour was out of this world. The yoghurt has a lovely twist of champagne, it’s not too strong and doesn’t overpower the lovely creamy flavour in the yoghurt, it just works perfectly with it. The strawberry layer is sweet and super fruity. The strawberries taste fresh and natural and go perfectly with the flavoured yoghurt. This would have been just about perfect even without the chocolate biscuits, but their addition just upped the league on these yoghurts. Each white chocolate biscuit is wonderfully light, but adds a lovely gentle crunch and mix to the overall texture. The chocolate flavour from them and cocoa dusting works so well with the strawberry and champagne, creating the most indulgent well balanced mix of flavours you could ever hope for in a corner yoghurt!
I can’t recommend them enough. I’m popping back down to Sainsburys tomorrow to stock up while they are still on offer; it really is the nicest yoghurt I’ve ever eaten!
By Cinabar


Hannah The Review Addict said...

I saw these yesterday and was tempted but for some reason I chickened out (I am a bit funny about diary products). You have convinced me I need to give these a go!

Kevs Snack Reviews said...

These sound amazing! I can't imagine a more luxurious combination. I've only seen the After Dinner Mint ones so far, have you tried those too?

Lot-O-Choc said...

Oh yum I've been wanting to try this one but couldnt decide whether I'd like it..I've tried the After Dinner Mint & the Praline one..the Praline one is unreal..but the Mint one is my favourite!!

Sunflowers said...

I've just finished eating one of these and it's absolutely wonderful! I love the texture as well, it's more like thick cream than yogurt. I bought mine - and Creme Praline and After Dinner Mint as well - a week ago in Asda (because it's easier for me to get to) and they were a pound a pack in there too. I'm just wondering how much they're going to cost when the introductory price ends.

cinabar said...

Lot-of-choc - did you try them?Sunflowers - they are still on offer in Tesco, Ive stocked up!

Unknown said...

I hate to be "that guy", but it's only cos it's quite interesting!
Marc de Champagne is actually a brandy rather than Champagne the fizzy posh alcopop!
Did like these yogurts, but I wished the strawberry compote had been a bit sharper or deeper or fruitier or something all along those lines!!

cinabar said...

No probs Dan, I stand corrected. :-) Whatever it is, I loved the taste.