25 April 2013

Ribena - Mango & Lime, Pineapple & Passionfruit [by @NLi10]

It's summer time again! Well - the snow has cleared and Easter has gone anyway - which means the stores are now selling their summer ranges. One of the first of these I spotted was these two Ribena summer drinks - Lime & Mango and Pinapple & Passionfruit.

I dutifully took them home and set them up for a nice summery picture - even being persuaded to use my lovely Thai tablecloth. The new Gin glasses were brought out to set it all up as a perfect summers picture.

I'm a fan of Ribena - I like the cordials (even the dubious science immunity range is nice enough to rebuy) and I frequently buy the pre-made juice as a non-fizzy refreshing drink. They are just the right strength too.

These are a little disappointing however. In the lime one you can get a hint of the lime, otherwise it's just a mishmash of orange flavoured fruit. I think the pineapple one was slightly sweeter. I like things like Rubicon where even though they are from concentrate you can really tell the actual fruits were involved. The lychee and pomegranate varieties are just that. Sure there are grapes and other stuff to bulk it out but the flavours are clear and bright. This is just like a slightly weaker Um-Bongo with none of the jungle fever.

Unlike the strawberry and other Ribena variants that I've rebought after reviews this one stays firmly on the shelf. Maybe their process only works well with berries!

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