11 April 2013

Strawberry & Redcurrant Dorset Cereals Granola (Asda) [by @NLi10]

Today we continue my trek through the raisin free mueslis and granolas and return to the Dorset Cereals section to check out their Strawberry & redcurrant variety.

While I avoid raisins due to flavour concerns others actual have this problems due to heath reasons and some have to cut out citric acid entirely! While I'm fairly sure this isn't on the safe list due to the varieties of red fruits it is suitable for me so lets see what it's like.

The granola itself has the usual dorset mix of seeds and grain and has the distinct sunflower taste behind all the red-bits.  These are strawberries, raspberries and red currants so all quite potent and great for that morning shot of vitamins.

The box says it provides 12 glorious portions, which I find a little optimistic given that each time I have these style of cereal I seem to get a larger portion.  They are very filling though so I'm sure that sticking to the correct portion size is acceptable.  I just like a large breakfast!

I have a couple of other red cereals that I bought at the same time to work through, but this is a good solid start.  Not overly crunchy, rich in flavour and filling enough to get me through a spring morning walk to work.

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Kake said...

Add some honey bee and milk will good. That was great for strawberry cereals.