5 April 2013

Wispa Hot Chocolate (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

There is part of me that feels that I shouldn’t review instant hot chocolates. I’m like a glutton for punishment, in that if I see a new make I’ll pick it up, but I am inevitably disappointed. I always think they should taste like they are made with hot milk and cream even though I’ve only added water. I like the flavoured hot chocolates as they do bring something different with them and have a fuller taste. Galaxy Orange was lovely, and the Maltesers hot choc have a good malty taste. It was with some nervousness that I saw this Wispa hot chocolate in Tesco as I love Cadburys to bits, but was wary of the product I was about the try.
I poured the contents of the sachet into my mug and added the boiling water. It crackled, it’s only the second hot chocolate I’ve ever tried that does this, the other being Galaxy. The hot chocolate mixed up really simply, and a thick layer of bubbles appeared prettily on the surface.
After it cooled a little I took my fist sip. I was impressed that it did actually taste like Dairy Milk in flavour, and not just a generic chocolate taste. Sadly though it was still too mild a taste for me. It was pleasant yes, but not soothing, or indulgent like a cup of hot chocolate should be. I know this is more down to my taste buds as others who tried the drink liked it. What can I say, I tried it, it was fine. I’ll stick to my Tassimo machine hot chocolate though, as the Cadbury Tassimo knocks the socks off this.
By Cinabar


Anna said...

I found these were better if you buy the tub instead of the sachets and add slightly more than they recommend to the mug

cinabar said...

Yeah - the sachets means you don't get chance to top up the powder. I didn't even try it in my big mug though, just a regular sized one.

krnries said...

My ed tried this today - she loved it because it made the bubbles without her even having to try! and she loved the taste. TBH though, she did probably put loads of powder in!

BTW Morrisons currently have it at a trial price, which is why we picked it up :)