4 April 2013

Jezyki Kokos (Polish Grocers) [By @NLi10]

Just a quick review of one of my Polish chocolate bar finds.  This is not something I'd probably have bought in English as it contains caramel, but I figured I'd had so much luck with the Polish import snacks and I love coconut so what could go wrong!

Essentially this is like a fat twix, with less caramel in height but more in width.  The caramel that is here is much more viscous and has a snap to it, and this is topped off with biscuit and coconut.  The proportions are a little off for me, I'd have more coconut and probably make the whole thing a bit thicker, but it's actually quite nice.

The flavour is very understated and is essentially just a biscuity caramely thing, with hints of coconut floating on the top.  I have another flavour of these to try. but I suspect it's just the same as this but without the coconut!

This isn't one I will rush out for, but I'm sure that if I require something more substantial than the wafer biscuits and I'm in the Polish grocers then I can continue to raid this range.


Rainbowgirlx said...

I love these bars - everything is more exciting when you can't read the label! Have you tried the tiki taki coconut chocolates? They come in a big bag from the world foods aisle in most tescos. I think you may like them - very coconut.

cinabar said...

I've not seen the coconut ones - but will keep an eye out :-)