13 April 2013

Snake’s Bite (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

There was a hungry scary looking snake on the label of this bottle of cider apple and beer concoction, and I had no doubt as to why. This famous Snakebite drink was the infamous tough guy drink of the 90’s when I was a lad. The barman seemed to mix the half a cider and half a beer with tongs and protective gloves, with a shield over his face to protect from the bubbling brew. Only the bravest or craziest of drinkers would dare to drink it. Although, I must admit at 4.2% in volume this 500ml bottle didn’t seem all that scary, asides the label and its past reputation. I was shocked to look back and realise that even though I’d drunk many inebriating substances from a young age to present day and that I’d known at least one crazy fool who used to finish off his evening with one solitary Snakebite, I’d never actually tried one! Well this was the time to finally man up and try one. Brewed in Witney, Oxfordshire by the Wychwood Brewery, I scoffed at the scary “silly” snake on the bottle and popped off the cap with a muted “huzzah” to pour the satanic brew into my already shaking beer mug. Unsurprisingly on opening the bottle there was an initial smell of cider and beer. Certainly there was a bitter bite to this drink, like a rather evil snake slithering down my neck and biting my jollies. In fact there was lots and lots of bitter bite to this drink. The beer flavour was slightly lost with hints of malts and hops underneath the sourness of the cider apple. This drink made me check my tongue was still talking to me after every sip. Still, I enjoyed the bitter bite after a few mouthfuls, but will stick to beer, rather than mixing my brews. I guess I’m just not tough enough to mix and take on that scary snake yet! Are you?
By Spectre


NLi10 said...

SnakeyB (Snakebite with a shot of Blackcurrant) was the hard drink of choice at Uni.

cinabar said...

LOL- Spectre was more the £1 pint guy at uni :-D