2 January 2013

Caribbean Banana Ketchup [By @SpectreUK]

I must admit that this 115ml bottle of Caribbean Banana Ketchup sat on the Foodstuff Finds shelf for some time. So much so that I can’t remember where I bought it from, but before I tried it I believed it was probably best not remembering. Produced by Baron’s in St Lucia and made from bananas grown on St. Lucia, the ingredients included; water, (St. Lucian) banana pulp, vinegar, sugar, salt, garlic, onion, spices, sodium benzoate (E211), and yellow colour (E102). Yellow colour? Aren’t bananas yellow enough?

Just in case my first impression was correct and I hated this stuff I had a back up bottle of Grace’s Hot Tomato Ketchup next to my meal, which in my opinion is the greatest Tomato Ketchup ever produced. I opened the banana ketchup bottle, which was pretty useful if I dared to taste it, and dumped an oversized blob on my plate next to my fries (but not too close). I dipped my fork in the sauce before risking a frie (is there a singular for fries?). This sauce tasted like banana flavoured mango chutney, without the mangos of course. There was a light spice that took the edge off the sweet banana flavour and I was surprised that the sauce went so well with the fries and also with the burger I was eating. So, banana ketchup went well with the potato based part of my meal and also with the meat based part of my meal. How crazy does that sound? This concept blew my mind. I’ve always been in awe as to how the simple banana sandwich is the food of the gods, but a banana based ketchup going with fries and with meat? I have to say that this product was genius and was my surprise find of the year. I’d avoided trying this banana ketchup for ages, as I thought it would taste awful and not go with anything at all. I offered the sauce out to Cinabar and her mom, Cinabar liked it, but her mom wouldn’t try it. “No, no!” I exclaimed, “it does taste really good! Honest.” But this sadly fell on deaf ears. I was disappointed that she didn’t dare a taste. I can’t shout it loud enough, if you do find this sauce in some market or store somewhere don’t be afraid to give it a go on anything you’d eat with the traditional tomato ketchup. I’m sure, as I was, you’ll be most pleasantly surprised, and probably a little more than taken aback! Happy New Year and may 2013 bring you all the joys of snacking that any year should bring and more.
By Spectre


Willow92 said...

It's a shame you've forgotten where you bought it from, I want to try this :p

Kevs Snack Reviews said...

I want to try this too!

cinabar said...

I think it was from Tesco (the huge branch in Dudley) - but will double check there next time I in.

Rodzilla said...

I've read that it's very popular in the Philippines, I'll have to try it if I can find it.

and I think it's a singular "fry" haha.

bob said...

As luck would have it, a Filipino grocers just had their grand opening very near me.
Worth a try to see if they have it.

cinabar said...

Did you guys manage to find it?