26 January 2013

Bahlsen - Hobbit’s Biscuits [By @SpectreUK]

These biscuits have been themed for the movie The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey and were made by Bahlsen, who have been baking since 1889. I finally got to see this epic movie on Cinabar’s birthday as we both had the day off work. It had snowed heavily most of the weekend so we were happy not to have to dodge snowy traffic and snowball fights to struggle to work that day. We first trudged to the local KFC for a quick lunch after seeing that even though 5000 schools were closed across the country, the cinema was blessed with peace and tranquillity. I managed to convince Cinabar to watch the Hobbit on her birthday, even though she didn’t enjoy any of the Lord of the Rings films, so it was more like an early birthday present for me instead. Crazily enough when we arrived at the counter in the KFC at 12.45pm, they stated that even though it was in fact lunchtime we would have to wait for ten minutes for chicken. This produced an incredulous rant from me considering that the word “chicken” is in the title of the “fast food” restaurant. Cinabar had to literally push me out of the Kentucky Fried non-Chicken restaurant and we settled for a MacDonald’s instead. After woofing down several burgers and fries we sat down in the almost empty cinema to watch the movie. After waiting several years for the Hobbit to come out I was surprised by the level of emotion just the beginning of the movie brought out in me. I was glued all the way through the film and I declared it as one of the best films I had ever seen. Even Cinabar enjoyed it! I can’t wait for the next two movies.

Hobbit’s Oatmeal Biscuits

Anyway, back to the biscuits. The 250g cylindrical packet was packed tightly full of rounded flat rich golden brown biscuits. Each three biscuits contained 161 calories, with 6.8g of fat and 8.8g of sugar. The biscuits ingredients included; oat flakes (31%), wholemeal wheat flour (30%), sugar, vegetable fat, inverted sugar syrup, wheat germ, salt, raising agents (sodium bicarbonate and disodium diphosphate), citric acid, whole egg powder, skimmed milk powder, and spices. On opening the packet there was a very wheaty oaty smell to the biscuits. The biscuits tasted great having a decent crunch with a wholesome natural oat and wheat initial flavour with a light spice, closely followed by the egg and milk in the aftertaste. I’m certain any Hobbit would fight the biggest Troll over these biscuits for any of their meals whether it be first breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses...

Hobbits Chocolate Oatmeal Biscuits

These Hobbit’s Chocolate Oatmeal Biscuits were presented in a 265g cylindrical packet. Two biscuits were 158 calories, with 7.9g of fat and 8.6g of sugar. The ingredients included milk chocolate (21%)(as listed below), sugar, oat flakes (25%), vegetable fat, wheat flour (10%), wholemeal wheat flour (10%), cocoa butter, cocoa mass, glucose-fructose syrup, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, clarified butter (although that makes me wonder how they clarified it was butter, did they simply ask “are you really sure you’re butter” and they gained a positive answer?), the usual raising agents, as well as lactose, salt, lecithin, whole egg powder, and flavouring. These biscuits are loaded full of flavour with a light crunch that melts slowly in the mouth. The milk chocolate works together with the oats and wheat rather than overshadowing their flavours. Cinabar mentioned that these biscuits have a golden flavour, I guess meaning that they have a succulent sweetness bordering on treacle, which complements the fresh oats and wheat flavour mixed with the milk chocolate goodness. If the Hobbits had to fight a Troll for the Oatmeal biscuits, then I’m absolutely sure they’d fight off Smaug himself for these Chocolate Oatmeal biscuits.
By Spectre

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