18 January 2013

Hoisin Duck Flavour Crisps (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

I picked up this new bag as crisps from Sainsburys and found them as part of their Taste The Difference range. I did a bit of a check when I came back and soon realised that although this sounds like a bit of a quirky flavour, it is actually the third time I will have written about Hoison Duck crisps since we started this blog. Walkers did a competition in 2009 to find a new flavour, and it was one of their test varieties (which didn’t win) and Tesco released some a year ago.
I poured the crisps into a bowl for sharing, and took in the sweet aroma. There seemed to be a lot of sweetness mixed in, and they smelt really nice. I tried one and discovered that the crisps were quite firm, giving them a very hard crunch. It was nice, but perhaps a tad firm for my palette. What I did like was the taste. These were seriously meaty, and had loads of rich duck flavour. It worked really well and you could immediately pick up on what meat you were trying. The Hoisin flavour wasn’t too far behind and added an aromatic sweetness with loads of clove, onion and garlic all mixed in. The flavour was fantastic and I soon forgave the sharp crunch.
I was impressed; the crisps manage to put together a complex flavour perfectly. They are well worth a try, as they are posh crisps that add something a bit different to the standard choices available.
By Cinabar


Jim said...

mmmmmmm duck-alicious

cinabar said...

Yep - that should be the executive summary :-)

Stavros said...

Do you know when it's coming back this year? I'm also looking forward to the others with goats cheese and rosemary. UGh I can't wait.