8 January 2013

New Special K Cracker Crisps – Sour Cream & Onion (Sainsbury’s) [By @cinabar]

So, to clarify, crisps come in bags. This is the social norm, and the expected format. It seems to work quite well, I’ve never seen the bag aspect as a weakness. Special K though doesn’t usually make crisps, they make cereals and cereal bars which all come in boxes, there ‘norm’ is the cardboard box, and they continue to follow that route when they choose to make crisps. I seem to be struggling with the concept of a box of crisps. When I opened the box and discovered that there was actually a bag of crisps in the box, I did cringe a little at the excess packaging. Perhaps they should sell cereals in bags now that I come to think about it?
The second thing that bugged me, was the portion sizes. According to the back of the packet, a portion of these crisps comes in at just 95 calories, which considering that equates to 21 crisps is really good. What got me though is that the portion of crisps equates to 23g, out of the 100g box. This means that the box contains 4.35 portions, which is slightly odd and not great if you are the fifth person! However if the box was split into the more likely four portions, 25g rings up at 103 calories which isn’t much higher, but isn’t as catchy as “95” or being in the “under 100 calories per portion” category. But who on earth is going to split that box 4.35 ways?
Anyway, the product itself is genuinely low calorie, despite my moaning. January is the national month of dieting so healthy snacks are the in thing. These crisps are a good lower fat alternative to regular crisps.
They are all neatly rounded crisps, but slightly aerated and with a nice texture. They feel light, but easy to eat and quiet moreish. The taste represents Sour Cream & Onion quite well, the oniony hint just not being quite strong enough for my taste buds. I like a blast of flavour, but these are more of a tame gentle affair. To be honest though this probably makes them easier for work as they are milder on the breath than some cheese and onion crisps. All in all these are nice crisps, and considering there healthier attributes well worth picking up if you are watching the calories this January.
By Cinabar

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