21 January 2013

Kit Kat Mint (Choose A Chunky Champion) [By @Cinabar]

So this is the final bar I am trying in relation to the new Kit Kat Choose A Chunky Champion. The other flavours tried so far were Choc Fudge, Coconut and Hazelnut, with Coconut being a surprise favourite so far. I always think there is a lack of mint on British newsagent shelves, so though that this could be a good addition to the range.
I opened up the bar and the minty aroma was immediately present. I love the combination of peppermint and milk chocolate and the smell was very appetising. I broke the first piece off and noticed that there wasn’t a thick layer of mint paste inside, but there was clearly plenty of flavouring which you could tell from the scent.
I bit in and the bar didn’t disappoint. The mint was a reasonable strength and didn’t over power the chocolate. The freshness of the mint shone though, as did the sweet cocoa tones. The chocolate was the usually thickness on a Kit Kat and the wafer added the signature crunch. I munched quite happily through the bar.
It was certainly nice and enjoyable, and I even rate it over the hazelnut (shockingly enough). It did however lack something I just couldn’t quite put my finger on. You see as much as I enjoyed it, I didn’t think “wow, this is the one”. No my two clear favourites were the coconut as it added a little of the exotic and the choc fudge which sounds quite plain but is remarkably well put together and tasted fantastic. Besides this Mint Kit Kat Chunky was refreshing and cool, and perhaps cool isn’t what we need for a British Winter?
By Cinabar

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