16 January 2013

Burger Bites (Spar) [By @spectreUK]

These Burger Bites were burger and tomato flavoured corn puffs from the SPAR, produced in Middlesex. The 40g bag had a suggested two 20g servings (but I ate the whole bag... LOL), which were 105 calories, having 5.9g of fat and 1.4g of sugar. On opening the bag there was a good beefy smell with a decent aroma of tomato. These corn puff balls were vegetarian friendly, and had beetroot red and paprika extract for colour. They were made from maize, baked with sunflower oil and flavoured with burger flavour, onion powder, citric acid and beetroot powder amongst other things, but none of the ingredients listed on the back of the packet contained tomato, which confused me a little. The corn puff balls had a strong tomato flavour, with a beefy tang leaving a gentle onion aftertaste. I found these Burger Bites reminiscent of Beef Burger flavour, with a good strong tomato and mild onion flavour. I could almost imagine munching a burger with tomato and onion relish. The only problem was that when I think of burgers, I fancy a few rashers of bacon added and a couple of slices of cheese! I’d definitely have these Burger Bites again. Give me a few packets, a big bowl, several beers and a good long film and I’d be well away! ;-)
By Spectre


Oscar said...

any horse dna?

Kevs Snack Reviews said...

@Oscar - LOL!

I was seriously addicted to these as a kid, I enjoyed nothing more than scoffing a whole bag to myself.

cinabar said...

Thankfully they are even vegetarian friendly!

Nick poth said...

I wanna buy a couple of boxes of these does any one know how I can get them.?