22 January 2013

Snickers - More Caramel (WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

I bought this bar in the newsagent where I worked and was excited to see a new product on the UK shelves. That was until Jim at Chocolate Mission blogged about the same bar, and pointed out that we had already seen it back in 2011 under the name Snickers Maximus. I’ve even blogged about it back then, but the name change meant I didn’t quite realise it. Disappointing. This bar has also been released with another called “More Nuts” which I did remember writing about in 2010 and I made the choice not re-buy it while I was in the shop.
Well seeing as I bought the bar (albeit again) I thought I may as well give it a bit of blog space, if only to use it as a plea to Snickers to let us have some proper new Limited Editions to try. Other countries get things like Hazelnut editions and all sorts of new combinations. If you’ve never tried Snickers Pods you are really missing out! Here in the UK we get the same bar we had two years ago re-released with one from three years ago... I wouldn’t mind but they weren’t that adventurous or exciting back then.
Anyway – the bar itself is a mainly caramel affair with plenty of peanuts and the usually Snickers milk chocolate covering. I love nuts and chocolate so I’m not going to lie I thoroughly enjoyed the bar. The caramel gave it a sticky feel, and it got a bit more stuck in my teeth than a regular Snickers, but it was still good. I would however happily trade it for a more interesting new Snickers edition, as it didn’t have enough to differentiate itself from a regular Snickers to be honest. The fact that Snickers is already a good bar shouldn’t mean that the best you can offer is a bar with a different ratio of the same ingredients. Ironically that is pretty much what I said when I wrote about it back in 2011 too!
By Cinabar

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