25 January 2013

Easter Speckled Egg Whip (Marks & Spencer) [By @Cinabar]

I am a big fan of Walnut Whips and the shop with very best selection of whips has always been Marks & Spencer. They have never limited themselves to just walnut whips and have always had a good selection of other flavours from pecan through to double chocolate!
As it is almost Easter (lol) they have brought out this new variety for the change of season. Technically it is just like a regular Walnut Whip only with a mini egg on top instead of a nut, but I didn’t need much encouraging! They certainly look pretty and the box is bright and fresh.
Once opened, I started by plucking the mini egg off the top off the first whip and eating that - which was a lovely chocolaty treat. The next stage is to bite in and the milk chocolate is pleasingly thick and chunky. The chocolate is actually always a nice quality on M&S Whips and is sweet and creamy with a surprisingly good cocoa hit. The chocolate shell gives way to the lightest vanilla whip inside. Its creamy has loads of vanilla flavour and is so fluffy it’s actually impressive. I love walnut whips so I was sold before I even opened the box!
I accept this a novelty version of the regular whips, but if you know a fan of walnut whips this might just be the perfect Easter stocking filler for them. I know I loved them. :-)
By Cinabar


Paulham said...

I think fans of WALNUT whips are going to be disappointed with this for the lack of walnuts. :)

I want a dark chocolate mint whip please M&S!

Matt Walton said...

Might have to buy these for my sister, as she likes the idea of Walnut Whips but hates nuts.

Anonymous said...

I've never been much of a fan of nuts but these look pretty good.

cinabar said...

You guys should try the double choc one too... mmm... and no nuts.