29 January 2013

ChocoLove – Pretzel In Milk Chocolate (CyberCandy) [By @Cinabar]

As bars of chocolate go, this has to have had one of the smartest looking wrappers I’ve seen. The bar is from a company called ChocoLove and it is clear that it is designed to be given as a love token. The wrapper makes the bar look like a love letter, with its mock stamp and is sealed with a heart too. On the inside of the wrapper there is a lovely extra touch with a poem by John Keats printed inside it. Each piece of the chocolate bar also has a heart moulded onto it, just so there is no doubt about this being a fully loved up bar.
Once turned over I could see the chocolate had loads of pretzel sticks packed into it too, and you could just tell it was going to be full of flavour. I love the sound of mixing pretzel and chocolate because I think the saltiness should work well with the sweeter taste. I broke a piece of the chocolate off but it didn’t break as neatly as I’d hoped. Although there are lines to break the pieces correctly but the pretzel sticks means the bar comes apart in a more approximate way, not that it really matters, it just made it a bit more awkward to share.
The chocolate felt quite soft, and gave more than snapped when I did break it up.
The chocolate has a nice flavour though, which is the key thing. It had a thick melt and was sweet, creamy and had a nice base cocoa tone through and through. The pretzel bits did add a bit of magic. They gave the bar a lovely mixed texture, and a nice crunch too. The salt added magic, mixing just a bit of salt with the chocolate contrasted well and the two tastes enhance each other. This is proper easy eating chocolate, it’s a soothing bar with a lovely unique flavour.
If you are looking to give a Valentines card to that special someone this year, I think it would go down extra well if you popped one of these bars inside the envelope as an extra touch. The recipient will be smiling from the second they see the wrapper. A big shout out is required to CyberCandy for stocking such a cool bar!
By Cinabar


Dani said...

Great choice for a review! I saw this the other day.. can't remember where though, maybe it was on Cybercandy? I love chocolate and pretzel and I'm glad this didn't disappoint!

Grocery Gems said...

The packaging on this is brilliant, I love the idea of the envelope style wrapper. It really is perfect for Valentines :-)