24 January 2013

Mighty Miso instant organic soup (Red Kite Foods) [by @NLi10]

It's cold again (although I do love the snow), so out come the boxes of soup!

I bought these some time ago from Red Kite in Bromsgrove, but I never actually reviewed them.  To be honest I was quite surprised to find them in my desk draws (I'd been having a clear-out and they were right at the back) as I enjoyed them first time around too - but obviously not enough to drink all 12.

The red miso one on the left has little tofu floating in it which give it a more exciting chewiness, the white miso one on the right has a mistier appearance.  I really couldn't tell you more about the flavour as they both taste very similar to me - I guess if I had them one after the other then I could.  They are a bit salty for that (especially if you don't stir enough - the curse of the packet soup) but otherwise an enjoyable experience.

Also this particular Miso is made with aspergillus oryzae  - a fermenting mould which is commonly found in Japanese cooking which is pretty cool.  While the health benefits are dubious the taste benefits are proven beyond doubt.  A nice change from the minestrone packet soups.

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