9 January 2013

MacLeans - Chocolate and Ginger Shortbread (Gift Shop in Yorkshire) [By @SpectreUK]

This Chocolate and Ginger Shortbread was produced by MacLean’s Highland Bakery in Moray, Scotland. The biscuits were made with a blend of Belgian chocolate and ginger pieces. The 200g box had ten biscuits with a serving size suggestion of two biscuits at 40g, which had 210 calories, with 11g of fat and 12g of sugar. Ingredients contained wheat, milk, soy, and gluten, and included wheat flour, butter, sugar, corn starch, ginger (2%), and Belgian Chocolate (4%), which in turn included sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavour, and salt. The biscuits were manufactured in a factory that handled tree nuts. The print on the box stated that MacLean’s Highland Bakery always allowed a generous mixing time for their ingredients followed by a slow bake in order to create the perfect shortbread. They had an initial wheaty ginger shortbread and chocolate smell on opening the packet, and wow, these shortbread biscuits tasted fantastic! These buttery wheaty shortbreads simply melted in my mouth with ginger pieces tantalising my taste buds with every chew, whilst the Belgian Chocolate chunks treated me to pure luxury. These were beautiful biscuits and were impossible to stop eating once I’d started. Proper shortbread craftsmanship was involved in the making of these biscuits, they had a perfect balance of shortbread flavour with ginger and chocolate and I’d recommend them to anyone.
By Spectre


Grocery Gems said...

Wow these sound so delicious! I'm craving a cup of tea and some biscuits after reading that :D

Anonymous said...

So delicious!