30 January 2013

Black Soybean Drink (Day In Supermarket, Birmingham) [By @SpectreUK]

This Black Soybean Drink was presented in a jet black 340ml can and produced by the Famous House Food Industrial Corporation, in Taiwan. The text on the can stated that black soybean had been used in the orient as a health food and herb for hundreds of years. At roughly 184 calories, with nearly 3g of fat and of 20g sugar and having ingredients listed as only water, cane sugar and black soybean, I fully expected this drink to be black on opening the can. When I poured the contents into a tall glass I found this drink to be a milky white. This confused me greatly. I kept saying to Cinabar that the drink was supposed to be black as it was made with black soybeans. Apparently black soybeans are green inside (or yellow) and produce a white milk. Once I’d gotten over the initial drink colour shock, which admittedly didn’t go away for some time, I dared a sip. I was surprised at how nutty the initial taste was, which was mixed with a sweet milky beany taste that was rather pleasant. Having said that, more than one can at a time could prove quite sickly, but I did enjoy this healthy feeling drink, and would have this again. I’m not sure using this as an alternative to milk in tea or coffee, but it could work with cereals. Maybe next time I’ll give it a try…
By Spectre

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