3 January 2013

M&S Limoncello & Mixed berry Dome (Marks & Spencer) [by @NLi10]

Over Christmas we had a number of luxury items to munch on - and none were more striking than this Limoncello & Mixed Berry 'dome' from Marks & Spencer.  Despite appearing quite fragile and wobbly it survived a jog for the bus when I forgot it was in my bag, and still looked pretty for the Boxing Day table at my parents.  It's similar in appearance to something Cinabar tried too, but less chocolate-based and more of a fruit dish.

I really wasn't sure what to make of it, but as usual I like to take with me a desert that I can eat (I don't like Christmas Pud) and this seemed to be a bit special so I indulged.  It says that it's 6 portions, but with a table full of food I think 8 is fairer and makes your £13 go that little bit further.

Even when you cut into it there is a wow factor.  The skin parts easily and the red centre is revealed.  The flavour of this was nice, but not overpowering and the lemon was easily the dominant taste.  My slice went down very easily and it was only the size of the buffet that prevented me from investigating a second slice.  I didn't eat all of the skin that was covering it, but it's just a clear jelly-like substance.

There was some left at the end of the evening, and I didn't think it would survive a journey home so I had to abandon it to be consumed by my parents and their future guests.

A Happy 2013 to you all!  I hope we continue to entertain you with our tales of found foods.

NLi10 (Rich)

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