13 January 2013

Heinz Five Beanz (Asda) [by @NLi10]

Ah - 5-a-day, that public health campaign that most of the UK are aware of and some actually stick to.  As beans count as one of your five a day and are actually enjoyed by all ages is it possible to go wrong?  Well the traditional Heinz beans variety (tomatoes + sugar) could have a little more going for it if you are doing a proper meal - and that's where these come in!

I could have sworn I'd had these before, but apparently they are new so who am I to argue.  It must have been a lesser variety of bean, probably stores own so this is a good opportunity to try the Heinz variety.  I had them with curly fries, spinach and Jamie's magical lemon dust.

The taste is very similar to the traditional baked beans, but they seem less sweet.  Also the different beans have noticably different textures which makes it a little more interesting on the tongue.  And what are these beans?

Red Kidney, Haricot, Pinto, Borlotti (which look like the regular ones I guess) and Cannelloni.  While I did try them individually to see if there was much difference I didn't really find one.  As someone who eats non-baked beans too I guess I've just had them all before.  

These were so good that we actively hunted out these on our last supermarket visit instead of the regular variety, but they have also started doing Heniz beans with curry, and with garlic and herb so we picked up the latter instead (special offer :D ) so there may be more beans in the future...

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