4 January 2013

Kit Kat Choc Fudge (Choose A Chunky Champion) [By @Cinabar]

Out of the four new flavours of Kit Kat chunky currently on trial, it has to be said that this was the one that I found the least interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the coconut edition, and the mint and hazelnut both sound appealing, but chocolate fudge just sounding a bit plain. It’s like it’s not really adding anything new to the flavour, just more chocolate? I approached this Kit Kat with that at the back of my mind and unwrapped and snapped a big chunk off. I was pleased to see quite a thick layer of chocolate fudge. I was worried that the flavour for this one would be within the chocolate coating, like the coconut one. The difference being that coconut is distinct enough to shine through. I felt with a fudge flavour this would have meant it would be lost, so that thick layer of fudge was a positive sign.
I bit in and have to say I was thoroughly impressed. This bar far exceeded my expectations with its flavour. The layer of chocolate fudge added a rich buttery taste and an extra hit of chocolate. Despite being mild in concept the fudge flavour really enriched this bar. The flavour made it feel like it was double chocolate, and the buttery base flavour just added to it making seem extra special. I liked the feel of the fudge layer too as the softness really gave this bar a nice mix of textures in conjunction with the crunchy wafer.
I admit I was unexcited about this bar, but I was wrong, what it does it does really well. I may have a preference for adventurous flavours, but as chocolate fudge bars go this really couldn’t have been any better. It captured all the key tastes and textures and is a surprisingly competitive contender in the race to find the Kit Kat chunky of choice.
By cinabar
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Grocery Gems said...

I felt exactly the same. I thought this was quite a boring choice but the fudge flavour is actually quite different and interesting. Coconut is still winning it for me though ;)

Unknown said...

I can't find these anywhere, I'm boo-hooing all over the place. I'm a little disappointed that Mint is one of the four, it just seems so...pedestrian. Bring on the Mocha KitKat, I sez.

cinabar said...

Yep - it was a pleasant surprise that the Fudge turned out quite so well.

Chelsea - I've seen them in a local newsagent and a bigger branch of WH Smith - hope you find some.