5 January 2013

Hand Cooked Parsnip Crisps – Seasoned with Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper (@TebayServices Westmorland Service Station) [By @SpectreUK]

Whenever I see the phrase “Hand Cooked” it always makes me wonder just how hot a person’s hands can get. I certainly wouldn’t want to shake hands with them anyway. Produced by Glennans, The Vegetable Crisp Company, in Staffordshire, these Parsnip Crisps came in a 40g bag which had 187 calories, with 12.2g fat and 7.4g sugar. Sporting on the back of the bag that they were “high in fibre”, “gluten free”, “vegetarian and vegan friendly”, “GM free” and with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, the ingredients of these parsnip crisps included; parsnip (57%), sunflower oil, sea salt, black pepper, dextrose, rice flour, onion powder and yeast extract powder. However, try as I may, the phrase “parsnip crisps” didn’t float my boat, so to speak. They certainly smelt of parsnip, with more than a hint of black pepper. I was surprised that I instantly liked the taste. These crisps had a lovely parsnip, salt and black pepper tang. The salt and pepper flavour really complemented the parsnip. The crisps were not greasy, were very tasty and didn’t have an overpowering flavour of parsnip, as suggested by their odour. They just had a pleasant flavour of parsnip, however the aftertaste of parsnip took a bit of getting used to. I would have these parsnip crisps again, as I found them a good alternative to potato crisps. I’ll also have to look out for other flavours in the Vegetable Crisp Company’s range.
By Spectre

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