15 January 2013

New Cadbury Egg ‘N’ Spoon (WH Smiths @CadburyUK) [By @cinabar]

As per tradition the second that January appears so do all the Easter goodies. The shops have a magical turnover, its out with the chocolate reindeer and in with the Cadbury Creme Eggs! New from Cadbury this year is their Egg ‘N’ Spoon set. There are four milk chocolate eggs neatly packed into a four-man egg case, with two plastic spoons for added cuteness. The first thing that caught my eye was that there were only two spoons for four eggs, which is a bit of a shame if you are sharing them between four, but to be honest I was the only one to attempt using the spoon, everyone else just bit in! The instruction on the pack clearly stated, “Peel, Bite, Spoon” so I was going to do it properly.

The eggs felt very soft under their foil and so I was careful when unwrapping them, but instruction number 1, “Peel” was complete. I didn’t think they’d survive too long if they were sold loose as they are so delicate that they need the egg case to protect them. The top of the egg is prettily laid out with crack marks over it so that when you follow instruction number two and “Bite” it will break perfectly in the right place.
The chocolate was really nice, soft and super sweet, but very enjoyable. I don’t think it can have been proper dairy milk as it the texture is just so very different and the taste is even sweeter than usual.

The final instruction was to “Spoon” and I positioned the egg back in its egg tray for support – did I mention just how soft these are? The mousse was intense and chocolaty and I actually enjoyed using the spoon to attack it! The bubbles made it feel light and silky and the sweet milk chocolate tones added a certain richness. At the end I was left with a now even more delicate softened chocolate shell in the egg box that I carefully removed with sticky fingers and finished it off, in a not particularly lady-like manner. It was a bit of a heavy chocolate and sugar kick at the end, but my sweet tooth wasn’t complaining.
I think this set is really smart. I liked idea of adding plastic spoons what with that and putting the eggs in the card case it does add a fab novelty value. It an excellent alternative to buying a full size Easter egg and would make a neat seasonal but different style of Easter gift.
By Cinabar


paulham said...

Now imagine Hotel Chocolat doing the same with real chocolate.

Hannah The Review Addict said...

mmm a Hotel Chocolat version would be amazing! I liked these Cadbury eggs though, and agree they are very soft but the filling is lovely!

Kevs Snack Reviews said...

They sound nice, but are a bit overpriced for what you get - the RRP is £3.99. Probably one for the kids though. I'll wait for the inevitable post-easter price reductions :)

Unknown said...

I remember Milka doing something like this for a few years when I was a kid in the USA. We never got any Milka stuff back then, except for Easter where you could get a little carton with maybe 4 or 6 chocolate eggs, filled with delicious milky cream. They were amazing! I'm looking forward to trying the vanilla one, and I hope they stick around. I like that Cadbury is having a bit more 'fun' with their brand these days. Guess Kraft ain't so bad after all.

Kevs Snack Reviews said...

@paulham - or how about the chocolate Cadbury used to make?

Jules said...

There were Terry's Chocolate Orange versions of these a few years ago that were so delicious