2 December 2013

Father Christmas Bauble - London Gin Truffles (@Prestat) [By @Cinabar]

I remember when I was a kid and we used to get foil covered chocolate decorations for the Christmas tree. They were always nice, but it was always more about them looking pretty that the quality of the chocolate. Prestat have upped the game with their new Christmas tree decorations, and taken it to the next level. Inside the smartly decorated cardboard bauble are the very finest of chocolates.
The bauble pulls apart into two interlocking card semi circles. Inside that, wrapped in hot pink tissue paper, is a bag of five London Gin truffles. They have a thick white chocolate coating which enrobes the chocolate gin ganache. They are trying to recreate the flavours of a gin and fizzy tonic with a lemon slice, and all of those flavours shine through. The alcohol taste isn't too strong, there is just a pleasant tang from the gin mixed in with the chocolate flavour. The ganache in the centre is silky smooth with a hint of darkness from the cooca, and cracking the creamy thick white chocolate to get to the centre is a real pleasure. As you eat the gentle flavour of the lemon finds its way onto the scene, and adds a lovely citrus tang.
My favourite part though is that these very grown up looking chocolates have an element of free child to them. The fizz from a glass of gin and tonic is recreated using one of my favourite fun ingredients, popping candy. There is a tingle in the background and then the feeling of bursting bubbles appears on the tongue - ace!
These fab Prestat baubles come in a variety of other flavours too, and as much as they'd make an excellent stocking filler I would advise just buying them for yourself. Decorate your tree with them, and come twelfth night when all the decorations are coming down you'll be rather glad you did. ;-)
By Cinabar

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