13 December 2013

New Sweet Cinnamon Spice #TopcornTribe @MetcalfesSkinny

It is no secret that cinnamon is my favourite spice, and at this time of year it is definitely at its most popular. When I realised that it was being used for the new Metcalfes Skinny Topcorn flavour I was super excited, and couldn't wait to give it a try.
One of the things I love about popcorn is that as snacks go it is fairly low in calories but still tasty and pretty filling too. This large bag didn't disappoint, the entire pack came in at just 117 calories, which is pretty good going.
Once the bag was open the aroma from the cinnamon became very much apparent, it was sweet and warming and rather enticing. Once I started to tuck in I couldn't stop! The popcorn was fresh and fluffy but crunchy as it should be. I think the varied texture is one of the reasons it is so moreish, it is rather satisfying to munch on. Topcorn is seasoned, rather than coated in its topping, so the popcorn seems purer. The cinnamon was well balanced, warm and spicy, but with plenty of sweetness. Some of the pieces deliver a stronger cinnamon hit and again it was the mix of flavour balance that added to the overall enjoyment. I was in popcorn heaven.
Now when it comes to popcorn I've always been a firm believer in Sweet and Salty being the best, but that can now stand aside, bring on the Sweet Cinnamon Spice. I know it is probably seasonal, so I'm going to be buying up stocks of this for after Christmas!
By Cinabar

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Metcalfe's skinny said...

Thanks for the review! Glad you enjoyed our Sweet Cinnamon Spice!