17 December 2013

Beech's Fine Chocolates: Luxury Brazils

When Beech's got in touch and asked me if I wanted to try some of their Luxury Brazils I couldn't resist taking them up on their offer. For me chocolate coated Brazil nuts are associated with Christmas, and it is a treat I used to get every year, but for some reason not the last couple. I was looking forward to these to rectify that this year! I am a huge fan of nuts and chocolate!
Beech's chocolates have been around since the 1920s, and are a traditional brand, which I was award of for their chocolate creams. They make a selection of fruit creams, coffee creams, but best of all rose and violet creams. Seriously if you haven't tried them, you missing out!
Beech's Luxury Brazils come in both dark and milk chocolate, and various sized boxes, but I decided to start with the dark chocolate version.
Once the box was opened you could see the Brazils sitting nearly in their box. They are a natural product, so some were larger than others and had to be encouraged to leave to leave the snugly fitted packaging! They were laid out in a nice pattern, although spacious this box only retails at £3.99 so are still excellent value.
I cut one of the nuts in half, and was impressed to see the chocolate coating on each one was rather thick. It is a 55% cocoa chocolate, so although it is dark it still has a pleasant hint of sweetness to it too. The nuts underneath was firm and crunchy, and a good flavour. The nuts and chocolates worked perfectly together, and reminded me of an old seasonal favourite. I thoroughly enjoyed munching on these while wrapping presents, it totally put me in the mood for Christmas. I can't wait to start on the milk chocolate version too!
Website: http://www.beechsfinechocolates.com
By Cinabar

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